Reisa Professional Gloves

Reisa Professional Gloves -en-

Reisa Professional Gloves -en-


・Gently rub with an eraser to clean stains

・Gloves may lose color or harden when washed.

・Gloves may deform or change in quality when made in close contact with fire.

・Store gloves under low temperature and humidity.

・Because the gloves are made with natural leather, please note that decolorization will occur to some extent due     to friction, sweat, water and liquids with the existing leather dyeing technology. 

【Care instructions】

Use neutral detergent for wool or silk with lukewarm water for tough stains, and gently scrub the gloves upon wearing them as if washing your hands.

Thoroughly rinse, and dry gloves in a shade after removing moisture by wrapping them with a towel.

After the gloves completely dry,gently adjust shape as if massaging before use.

Keep away from high temperatures and humidity when storing. Store gloves in bags after drying in the shade upon removing dust.


Simply put, chamois leather is luxurious fibrillated cloth that uses the finest-quality deer leather. Mainly protein molecules called collagen intertwine to develop skin fiber. Structured with ultra-fine fibers that artificial fibers can’t possibly imitate, the cloths completely wipe away dirt, moisture, oil and even finger marks on precious items without scratching. Chamois leather made from pure deer skin is also excellent in durability and storage capabilities, and can be used for infinite amount of times with easy cleaning.

The chamois leather that we handle is made without compromise, using only the finest pure deer skin. Through special technology, its outstanding quality as wipe cloths and shine cloths are widely proven, such as being certified as a Japan Brand. 

Its characteristically extraordinary softness, smoothness and durability that last for years are created by fibrillation only through oil tannage.


To make gloves fit perfectly on your hands: 

Put on gloves, and wash hands with soap while wearing them. Rinse thoroughly, and squeeze out water. Dry in the shade. Put on the gloves again when they are still half-dried; this process creates the perfect fit for your hands. Dry in the shade again to finish. The pilot gloves will be fit especially for you like custom-made gloves.

S: 22-23cm 
M: 24-25cm
L: 26cm
LL: 27cm

Sizes are based on the length around the palm of hands.


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